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Resources & Supplements

Our commitment to your health is the number one priority here at Ritter Health Clinic. While we understand that everyone is working to be as healthy as possible there are times where additional support is needed. Supplements are one way that help to ensure adequate nutrition and healing are occurring in your body.

Ritter Health Clinic keeps several supplements on hand to help our patients with their care but we also provide online ordering to make things fast and affordable for our clients.

Please be sure to speak to your primary care doctor before ordering supplements you have not yet discussed with Dawn or her team.

Essential Oils


doTERRA offers premium essential oils that will help to heal and balance your body.

Essential oils can be used to help treat a wide variety of issues. To learn more about doTERRA and what it has to offer simply click here.

Amazon Store

Several amazing products that I encourage some clients to try can be found inside of my Amazon store. These products are the same products you would get if I purchased them for you and had them shipped to my office. By ordering directly from Amazon and having them shipped to your house you will get the products much more quickly and delivered right to your door step.

Supplement Suggestions

Jigsaw Hydration Packets are a great way to keep your body hydrated and in balance through the hot summer months.

Kitchen Suggestions


Good quality knives are essential for safe and successful chopping and prep in your kitchen. I suggest purchasing a nice set of knives, like these, to ensure the best experience possible.

I love to use wide mouth mason jars for everything in my kitchen. Drinks, storage, prep containers…the sky is the limit. Buy double you won’t regret it.


For fast and easy cooking with little clean up I encourage you to get an Instapot. These creative pressure cookers make cooking easy and quick for busy days. Plus with just one pot clean up is fast.


No kitchen is complete without some form of mixer. Depending on what you are planning to do with your mixer or food processor I suggest either getting a Vitamix for larger jobs or a Nutribullet for smoothies that you want to make for just yourself.

Book Suggestions

Ultra Processed People
Wholistic Feminism
The Happy Girl’s Guide to Being Whole